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In The Very Best Way

Come visit the vet hospital in Falmouth founded on truly exceptional care.

Our View On Animal Care At Vista Veterinary Hospital

We believe that care shouldn’t begin and end with a visit to our animal hospital. We want to partner with you in your lifelong commitment to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Our Falmouth vet hospital puts outstanding care first by providing the comprehensive care that pets need. We also give pet owners the information they require to maintain their pet’s health at home.

Making the world a better place for pets and their owners through compassion, integrity, education and a fundamental love of animals.

Falmouth Vet Clinic

Animal Care

At Vista Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Seideman and Dr. Dyer want every pet owner to feel confident in the level of care their pet will receive. Each visit to our animal hospital includes a thorough examination to ensure an accurate diagnosis and, ultimately, a better treatment plan. We’re passionate about delivering the very best care, from annual checkups to developing extensive treatment plans.

Veterinary Clinic

Taking Time With Pets
And Owners

We love working with animals (that’s why we do what we do!), but we also enjoy being a dependable resource for pet owners. Dr. Seideman and Dr. Dyer break down treatment plans in easy-to-understand terms and take the time to answer questions and discuss concerns. We want us all to be on the same page when it comes to your pet’s health.

Vet Medicine


Our Falmouth vet hospital is equipped with the tools our team needs to treat animals quickly and effectively. Dr. Seideman and Dr. Dyer want to be sure that they get a clear picture of each patient’s health, and with the use of in-house technology including ultrasounds, digital radiographs, and labs, they can do just that. Pet owners can get answers in less time by having these resources all under one roof.

Animal Medical Center

Care That Goes Beyond The Appointment

Driven by integrity, compassion, and dedication to animal care, every single day.

Going the extra mile for animals is second nature to the team at Vista Veterinary Hospital. From taking the time to educate pet owners and talk through the details of their pet’s health to continuing their education when it comes to industry technology, our veterinarians are dedicated to bringing their best to animal care. Dr. Seideman and Dr. Dyer make an excellent team, not only because of the vast experience they bring to the animal hospital, but also because of their unmatched passion and commitment to providing exceptional care. They understand that technology and techniques are always evolving and they enjoy staying at the top of their field. The team of vets also enjoy making connections with their community and are happy to be making a positive contribution to the area with the services available for animals at Vista Veterinary Hospital.