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The Perks Of Choosing The Right Pet Clinic

Our Falmouth veterinary clinic is committed to working with pet owners every step of the way.

Our goal at Vista Veterinary Hospital is to make each appointment as enjoyable and anxiety-free as possible — and that goes for pets and owners alike. When your pet isn’t feeling their best, we understand that getting answers is all that matters to you. But we want to give you so much more than just the treatments and answers you seek. We want to be the Falmouth veterinary hospital you can trust as an everyday resource.

Our team is passionate not only about giving animals the care they need within the pet clinic, but ensuring that they receive everything they need to thrive at home. No question is too big or too small to bring to Dr. Dyer and Dr. Seideman. They’re happy to explain treatment options in detail and follow up with pet owners because they truly care about the health of your pet. We want you to feel confident in the level of care your pet will receive at Vista Veterinary Hospital, but also in the level of care that you are able to provide to your pet at home every single day.

Every Pet Deserves A Long, Happy Life

Comprehensive veterinary care to help make it happen.

Comprehensive Pet Care

Follow-Up Care

Our Falmouth veterinary clinic is well-equipped to treat animals whether they’re coming in for surgery, a diagnostic ultrasound or a simple wellness exam. But a visit to the pet clinic only plays a small part in your pet’s treatment and overall health. Both Dr. Dyer and Dr. Seideman take the time to go through instructions with pet owners for at-home care. They want owners to feel empowered to make the right choices for their pets every day. Whether animals are healing from treatment or are in need of a change to their diet, our doctors are happy to share their knowledge with pet owners.

Flexible Veterinary Care

Flexible Financing

We know that your pet’s health is your first priority, and it’s ours as well. That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to our wellness and chronic disease plans. Our team at Vista Veterinary Hospital will help you understand the options available to you and will answer any questions you may have regarding these plans. Please call the office and our team will assist you in any way they can. We want to make each visit to our Falmouth veterinary clinic as easy and convenient as possible.