Pet Dental Cleanings

Pet Dental Cleanings in Falmouth, MA

You go to the dentist twice a year for a dental exam and cleaning, and so should your pet. At Vista Veterinary Hospital, we provide safe and effective pet dental cleanings, so your cat or dog can enjoy a healthier mouth and a better life.

Pet Dental Cleaning

What Is Veterinary Dentistry?

Veterinary dentistry has to do with the professional care of your pets’ teeth. We perform complete dental exams, scale and polish the teeth, and take dental radiographs under anesthesia. Having the animals asleep during the process allows us to properly clean their teeth and do radiographs. We can only see so much with our human eyes, so we use dental radiographs to check for cavities, dental abscesses, fractures, and bone loss. These are all problems that can happen below the gum line.

Every Pet Deserves A Long, Happy Life

Comprehensive veterinary care to help make it happen.

Do Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care?

Yes, dogs and cats need dental care because dental disease can lead to more serious problems, such as kidney disease, liver disease, and heart disease. The teeth and gums are on a direct path to the animal’s bloodstream. If infection sets into the gums, it can spread and affect many other parts of the body.

Dental care at home is important, too. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Once a day is great, but at least strive for several times per week. You can also try giving your pet a chew toy. Some are fairly effective at helping keep teeth clean.

What Are Signs that Your Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning or Another Type of Vet Dental Treatment?

You should schedule a veterinary dental cleaning if you notice these things about your dog or cat:

  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Excessive drooling
  • Discoloration or dark spots on teeth that can’t be brushed off (visible tartar)
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding or swelling in the gums
  • Reduced appetite

Pets are really good at hiding pain, so even if they have severe dental disease, they will probably act normally and eat normally. This is why it is important that you keep your pet on a regular schedule for dental cleanings.

What Happens During a Pet Dental Cleaning?

When you take your pet in for a dental cleaning, we first place an IV catheter and put the patient under anesthesia. Then, the veterinary technician scales and polishes your pet’s teeth and takes the dental radiographs. The doctor will review the radiographs and extract any teeth that have cavities, abscesses, or severe bone loss.

Veterinary Dentistry In Falmouth

How Often Should You Schedule a Pet Dental Cleaning?

Like humans, animals should have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. We understand that dental care for your dog or cat can be expensive. If you are properly brushing your pet’s teeth, giving it appropriate dental chews (according to the Veterinary Oral Health Council), and following a good dental diet, you can space out the cleanings to a year or two depending on your pet’s oral conformation.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned?

You can purchase a dental package based on the grade of dental disease your pet may have. For example, a Grade 1 does not include any extractions. A Grade 4 includes full extractions for pets with severe dental disease. Our dental packages include anesthesia, a full dental prophy (scaling and polishing), dental radiographs, and any medications that may be needed. Please schedule an appointment with one of our dental technicians at Vista Veterinary Hospital in Falmouth, MA to get an accurate estimate.

Why Choose Vista Veterinary Hospital for Pet Dental Cleanings?

At Vista Veterinary Hospital in Falmouth, MA, we are committed to keeping your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible. We know that pet dental care is a key aspect to your pet’s health. You can trust us to give your pet the best dental care possible. Contact us to schedule your pet’s next dental cleaning.